Prof. Jason Welle Gives Presentation on Ṣūfism in Paris

During a recent Study Day organized at Université Paris VIII, Prof. Jason Welle OFM delivered a presentation entitled, “Revisiting the ‘Veiled Traditionof al-Sulamī’s Ṣūfī Women”.  The organizers invited eight professors to reflect on the colloquium’s theme, L’innovation de l’âme : Les enjeux d’une « écriture mystique » difficile (15 mars 2017).  Prof. Welle wrote his doctoral dissertation on Abū ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Sulamī (d. 412/1021) and is currently advancing that research to consider questions of gender in early Ṣūfism; he has presentations related to this theme planned this spring at a Study Day for PISAI and the annual conference of the British Association for Islamic Studies.

Il Pisai



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