Presentation by Diego Sarrió Cucarella at Groningen Conference

Diego Sarrió Cucarella, MAfr, Dean of Studies of PISAI, delivered a paper entitled “The Law of Justice (sharī‘at al-‘adl) and the Law of Grace (sharī‘at al-faḍl) in Medieval Muslim-Christian Polemics” at a conference organized by the Department of Jewish, Christian and Islamic Origins” of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Groningen, from 16-18 May 2017. The conference, entitled “Intolerance–Polemics–Debate: Cultural Resistance in the Ancient World”, also included papers by Paul L. Heck (Georgetown University), visiting lecturer at PISAI, and Clare E. Wilde (University of Groningen), PISAI alumna. The conference addressed the phenomenon of forces of “cultural resistance” in the Ancient World, calling attention to the whole spectrum of intolerance, polemics and debate: where, when, and how does cultural, religious, or philosophical self-identity start to exclude others in an intolerant way?

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